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Emile Neethling

Unlock Your Potential

Empowering Personal Development Videos to Transform Your Life


Manifest Your Dream Life NOW: 5 Proven Steps to Turn Visions into Reality
Are you tired of feeling stuck, like running on a treadmill but going nowhere? Welcome to a transformative journey that will change your life! In this video, I share the incredible story of Alex, an aspiring artist who turned his dreams into reality using the power of manifesting.

Lost Time: The Heartfelt Truth We All Ignore
Discover the profound truth about time we often overlook in our busy lives. Dive into an emotional realisation that will change your perspective forever. Don't let life's most precious gift slip away. Watch now and embrace the essence of every moment. #TimeIsPrecious #LifeRealizations #CherishEveryMoment

Choosing the Right Friends
Discover the art of choosing the right friends and building meaningful connections in this empowering video by Emile Neethling, a professional life coach. Elevate your life with supportive friends who celebrate your successes and support your growth. Join us on this transformative journey to build the friendships you deserve. 

Unleashing Time's Treasures
In this thought-provoking video, our professional life coach delves into the profound impact of time on our lives and shares practical tips for harnessing its power for meaningful change. Discover the secrets to unlocking the wonders of life as we make every heartbeat count. 

Nature's Healing Magic
In this episode, we explore the healing power of nature on our mental well-being. Discover how spending time in nature reduces stress, enhances creativity, fosters awe and gratitude, and improves overall mental well-being. Join us as we encourage you to prioritise your mental health and embrace the gifts of Mother Nature. 

Discover the Healing Magic of Laughter
Join us as we explore the profound importance of laughter in our lives. Laughter is not just a moment of joy; it's a transformative force that can brighten our days, forge connections, and cultivate resilience. In this episode, our professional life coach takes you on a journey through the incredible benefits of laughter.

Unlock the Power Within
In this inspiring video, renowned life coach Emile Neethling guides you through a transformative journey of overcoming negative thoughts and cultivating a positive mindset. Negative thoughts can weigh us down, but with Emile's expert guidance, you'll learn powerful strategies to break free from their grip and embrace a more optimistic outlook on life.

Overcoming Parental Guilt

This heartfelt and insightful video delves into the universal experience of parental guilt and discovers empowering ways to overcome it. Join us as we explore the stories of parents who have faced and conquered their guilt. Through their experiences, we'll uncover valuable strategies and practical tips to navigate this emotional terrain.

Nurturing Relationships
Emile Neethling explores the challenges married leaders with kids face and provides valuable advice on nurturing relationships and finding a balance between work and family. Emile emphasises the importance of communication, intentional quality time, and being fully present with loved ones. He shares a personal realisation about the essence of true fulfilment and the power of gratitude in strengthening relationships.

Creating a Stable Environment at Home
In this heartfelt video, we dive deep into the importance of creating a stable environment at home for our precious children. As a dad of two teenage girls and a life coach, I share my journey from a broken home and how it has shaped my passion for this topic. Whether you've experienced a similar background or simply want to create a stable and thriving environment for your children, this video is for you. 

Time Management Hacks
Are you a busy leader juggling the demands of your career while trying to be present for your family? Finding the right balance between work and family life can be a challenge. In this empowering video, we unveil a treasure trove of time management hacks specifically designed for busy leaders with families. 

Thriving as a Leader and Parent
Thriving as a Leader and Parent is a compelling video series designed to empower leaders who are married with children. This series delves into the unique obstacles and challenges faced by individuals who must navigate the demanding responsibilities of both leadership and parenthood. 

Your Channel - Introduction
Welcome to AGT Coaching's YouTube channel! In this captivating video, Emile introduces himself as a dedicated life coach committed to helping individuals unlock their true potential and achieve their dreams. With his passion for personal growth and success, Emile invites viewers to join him on an incredible transformation journey. Don't miss out on this opportunity to embark on an inspiring personal development journey. Subscribe now, connect with Emile in the comments, and get ready to transform your life.

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