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Emile Neethling is the founder of AGT Coaching Limited and has been working as a Coaching Professional since 2015. Emile is a uniquely authentic coach with lots of energy and enthusiasm that can unlock the greatness in people at all levels. The environment he creates can ignite a person's growth, enabling them to realize and live their full potential. He has earned excellent reviews, from top business executives and business leaders to frustrated teachers and challenged teenagers. 

In 2015, Emile Neethling started the coaching company Karmic Group in South Africa, which quickly became the hot spot for leadership coaching and life coaching. He is a respected advisor and coach to business executives from small to medium organizations on how to create and sustain cultures that drive unlimited results. 

In 2017, one of the companies Emile was involved with received the title of ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR in South Africa's premier annual entrepreneurial competition. 


Emile and his family relocated to New Zealand in 2020, where he founded

the company AGT Coaching. AGT's acronym - Actively Growing Together - tells a lot about his aspirations to build long-term relationships with his clients while actively growing and learning. Emile is a dedicated and caring coach who thrives in a thinking environment. 

Emile Neethling possesses a growth and learning mindset with a born-to-coach attitude. To best serve people, he has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and is always looking for ways to level up his skills and methodologies. Coaching is his calling. He truly cares about people and is happy to go above and beyond their expectations.


"Emile has a calm, relaxed and professional manner. He relates with people on various levels, maximizing their growth sensibly and realistically".

"He has a unique, empathetic and insightful demeanour in unlocking growth areas. He is extremely good at determining whether to keep pushing you or letting you go".

"His natural ability to connect with people enables a comfortable and safe environment for people to explore challenging areas". 


Emile regards his family as his highest priority and is always aware of having a good life balance. He is married to Gerna, and they have two daughters, Emma and Isabel. They enjoy the outdoors and exploring New Zealand. 

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